The Poison Study book review

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Let’s start with some background, shall we?

I bought all six books of the Poison Study series on a whim last summer because I had a feeling that I would probably love it. Alas, here I was six months later and I hadn’t even started them… I think the prospect of reading six books felt a bit daunting so I kept putting it off. Last night, however, I finally grabbed some blankets, pillows and a mug of coffee and settled down for an evening of reading and finished the whole bloody thing!

I wanted to review it for you but beware spoilers ahead. 

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Unpopular opinions book tag

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To be honest, I can have some rather unpopular opinions when it comes to books. It’s far too easy to get carried away with the hype (and believe me I’ve done that before) and think that the book is without fault. It’s important to come to your own conclusions and not to worry too much if you don’t love a book that everyone enjoys. Read More