Mid-year check-in

Can you believe that it’s already the end of June, and we’re halfway through 2019? Instead of panicking, I’m taking a step back to reflect on the reading goals I set for myself in a post back in January.


The first goal was to go on a book buying ban. My TBR was out of control and I needed to spend some time focusing on reading what I already owned. Amazingly, I actually achieved this goal for the first four months of the year! I didn’t buy any books (apart from the odd new release that I was desperate for) and read through my TBR and utilised my local library. When I got my TBR stack down I ended the ban and began shopping again and am now in the process of starting another wave of the book buying ban. (Eek!)


My second goal was to focus on re-reading more and if you take a look at my Goodreads I have done just that. I’ve dedicated time each month to re-read some older books and take a more critical approach to my reading so that I can update both my star rating and my review. I would totally recommend doing this as it’s an interesting process.


Then I set the goal to read more diversely and not just stick to my comfort zone; good ol’ YA fantasy. I haven’t done so great with this one as so far this year I’ve read 93 books but 40% of these were Fantasy and 63% were YA. I’ll definitely keep trying though! Recommendations for great books from different genres are always welcome here.


Lastly, I wanted to try and read longer books. It’s no secret that I am intimidated by the long books on my TBR because I feel like it’ll slow my reading and put me in a slump. However, I’m happy to report that I’ve managed to read 12 books that are 500+pages this year! I’m going to write a post with some tips on how to read longer books much quicker.

I’m actually really happy with how my reading has been going this year. I feel like I’m making lots of progress! How are you getting on with your 2019 reading goals?

One thought on “Mid-year check-in

  1. uuh, looking forward to your post with tips for reading long books! I feel the same. They are just so scary and intimidating that I put them to the side and pick up something thinner instead. But at some point I’ll need to read all those big books I’ve been collecting for years. lol

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