Lit chat #5

I saw lovely Lauren from Lauren and the Books start this series on her YouTube channel last year– she chats through 100 bookish conversation starters from the Lit Chat card pack. I think this is a brilliant idea so I’ve been following along! 

Lit chat # 5

What book would you love to see made as a movie or television series? Pick your dream cast!

Surprisingly, I really don’t want my favourite books by Sarah J. Maas made into movies or a television series because I’m too scared that it will ruin it for me! However, when I was reading The Raven Boys I could imagine it making a great TV show. Maybe an up and coming Netflix original series? 

My dream cast would have to be: 

Blue as Amandla Stenberg. Not only is she beautiful but she will encapsulate Blue’s scrappy and funny side. My dream Richard Gansey III is none other than the gorgeous Gregg Sulkin – he has that presidential look about him, huh? Ronan is very tricky but I imagine him being played by Dylan O’Brien… because all shows should have Dylan O’Brien in them or he could be played by Dudley O’Shaughnessy because DAMN. Adam is super difficult! But I would have to say,  Dylan Minnette. Finally, the ultimate soft-boy, Noah has to be played by Lucky Blue Smith

That took some serious thinking but I think that this is a cast of people that will have great on-screen chemistry! What is your dream cast for your dream book-to-screen adaption? 

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