Spookathon wrap-up

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Book reviews / Readathon / Wrap up

This Spookathon readathon, hosted by the lovely Bookswithlala, Bookerly, and Peterlikesbooks, took place between 15 – 21 October. It was a relatively chill readathon that consisted of only five challenges. That’s it. No other rules. I took full advantage of the relaxed vibe and completely cheated. Oops.

The challenges were as follows:

1. read a thriller

2. read a book with purple on the cover

3. read a book not set in the current time period

4. read a book with a spooky word in the title

5. read a book with pictures

Let’s get on with my sub-par wrap-up.


For this challenge, I read The Shining by Stephen King. Weirdly, I’ve seen the film so I assumed this would feel super familiar to me and I would fly through it but oh no. No, this took me nearly 5 days to read!

I, therefore, only gave this one 3.5 stars but I did enjoy it. It was just slow paced and a little, dare I say, boring in the middle section. I liked the development of the plot and Danny is both an adorable and terrifying character, it was just a little bit slow for me.


For this one, I picked up Beneath The Sugar Sky by Seanan McGuire. As I’m writing this I’m realising that this isn’t in the order that I read things and that would maybe have made more sense…

Anyway, I read this and LOVED it. There is something magical about McGuire’s writing. She crams so much into less than 200 pages, so not only do you fly through it, you don’t feel cheated, y’know? Sometimes you can read a 500-page book and feel like it was all for nothing. But in less than 200 pages McGuire takes you on an adventure with witty and incredibly diverse characters that totally steal your heart. Wowzas this was a five star from the first page.


I think I may have cheated with this one, but I read Down Among the Sticks and Bones by Seanan McGuire. Obviously, I read this before Beneath the Sugar Sky and I also LOVED it. It is set in a different world/dimension/space so I’m not sure if it’s a different time period? Anyway, I loved this one the most out of all of the Wayward books so far.

There was just something so perfectly right about how this narrative was constructed. Hello, new favourite series?


IT by Stephen King. This is where I definitely cheated. I started a few days earlier than allowed so that I could fit this 1200 page monstrosity in. I did indeed finish it, and I bloody loved it. I am blown away by the fact that King could keep me interested for 1200 pages and not only keep me interested but urge me to give it five stars.

If we all ignore the ridiculous sex scene near the end, this book was incredible. There was something so dark and gritty about this book that it totally had me. Beware, it not only features an awful dancing clown, it includes many triggering themes.


Again, I’m totally cheating. I want to make Kingdom of Ashes by Sarah J. Maas the book for this challenge but it doesn’t even come out until Tuesday…

Instead, I re-read Saga Vol 2...

There we go, there was my super cheaty wrap up of this year’s Spookathon!

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