Mid-year freak out tag

Guys, can you believe it’s nearly June?! We’re half-way through 2018 and I am definitely freaking out… I saw a few people on Booktube doing this tag so I’m giving it a go – consider yourself tagged. 

Best book you’ve read so far in 2018

Oh goodness. Surprisingly, I haven’t read many five star books this year. This isn’t to say that I’ve had a terrible reading year because it’s quite the opposite, it’s just a lot of them were only four-star reads. I think I’m just getting very picky as to what books I give five stars to.

So the best book I’ve read this year would probably be… Oh gosh – I’m still torn between quite a few, but let’s just say American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I did actually give this book five stars. This was a book that I had wanted to read for ages and just never got around to reading. This meandering tale totally had me gripped for 600+ pages. I think this story will stick with me for a while. 

The best sequel you’ve read so far in 2018

I’ve actually read a few sequels this year, and if you’ve read one of my previous posts you’ll know just how crazy that is. My fav would have to be The Masked City by Genevieve Cogman. How amazing is her name? I gave this one four stars and haven’t rushed out to read the third one – but, it is a fantastic example of a sequel done well.

There wasn’t any information dumping in the first fifty pages and the author didn’t patronise you with lots of unnecessary details – instead she carefully guides you through the story and reminds you of things you may have forgotten. I was super impressed. 

New release you haven’t read yet but want to

Definitely To Kill A Kingdom by Alexandra Christo – this is actually the next book I’m going to start as part of the ScallywagAthon this week! It has siren royalty and a girl who collects hearts…

Most anticipated release for the second half of the year

There are so many amazing books being released over the summer, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas – she said it’s 1000 pages long. :O

Biggest disappointment

Probably Cruel Prince by Holly Black because it was SO hyped up throughout December and I got over excited about it. For me, this was a total let down. You can read my full review for this here.

Biggest surprise

In general, I didn’t think I would fall in love with Jeff Vandermeer’s writing this year- but that’s what happened. It all started when I found an unmissable Borne book display in Waterstones Trafalgar Square (well done merchandising team!) I really loved his writing style, and so I moved on to Annihilation and if you know me, then you know that I haven’t stopped talking about this series since I started it… 

Favourite new author

Oops – I kinda already answered this.

Newest fictional crush

Prince Po in Graceling – oh goodness.

Newest favourite character

Most definitely Lada from And I Darken – what an amazingly brutal anti-hero. She taught me that it’s totally OK to be badass and strong and not give a f*** what other people say about you.

Book that made you cry

I’m kind of embarrassed about this one because it’s sci-fi and shouldn’t really make you cry – but Obsidio by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman. The ending had me bawling – I think it was a mixture of relief and happiness… what a fool.

A book that made you happy

A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J. Maas – I’m just so relieved they’re all OK. 

The most beautiful book you’ve bought this year

Probably The Wicked Deep – although I was slightly disappointed by this one, you can’t argue that the cover is DELIGHTFUL to look at.

What books do you need to read by the end of the year

As you all know, I don’t do TBR’s because then I feel too much pressure and don’t read so let’s just say we’ll see?

Favourite book community member

I really love this community, but I’m still getting to know everyone – say hello if you’ve got this far in this epically long post! But a new fav booktuber who I think you’ll love is Possibly Literate – we have very similar tastes so she is a gold mine of recommendations!

I tag all of you to join me in a mid-year freak-out! 

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