To Kill a Kingdom book review

So I have finished book one of my #Scallywagathon challenges! To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo was my choice for a ‘book containing a mermaid or siren.’ I thought I’d pop on here and let you guys know how I found it. 

a truly swashbuckling crew

I adored the characters! We follow a rag-tag crew aboard the Saad as they travel on a nautical adventure to find the answer to the Siren problem… Amongst the crew, we meet Captain Prince Elian who has a killer charm and *lovely* Lira who has some secrets to share. 

All of the characters were fun and well written and totally had me captivated amongst the madness that was happening. 

sail away, sail away 

I’m not one for books about pirates, but this was much more than that. This book actually made me fall in love with books about the sea and what tales it can hold. Not only do we get to join an awesome crew, but we get to know all about the mermaids and sirens that live just beneath the surface. The descriptions of the underwater world were just as developed as the kingdoms above sea level – which I really appreciated! 

kingdom come

I loved the world building! It was unique and incredibly well-written – I could imagine exactly what each kingdom looked like even though our characters didn’t spend too much time in each place. There were a few moments of messy writing that felt a little bit rushed, but that is to be expected – Christo squeezed a lot of adventuring into 350 pages! 

all aboard the banter bus 

Oh wow, do I appreciate banterous characters. Not only were they bringing the sass but they didn’t fall in love straight away! Christo let the characters develop their own personalities and show how sassy they could be all whilst developing a relationship together. I really loved this slow burn and felt that it was just brilliantly refreshing – also who else thinks Elian was the sass-prince that we all needed?

Overall, I thought this book was brilliant! I believe it sits as a stand-alone, so if you’re in the mood for swashbuckling royal pirates who plan to take down an underwater kingdom of sirens and mermaids – then this is perfect for you! Did I mention that the sirens also collect human hearts? 

12 thoughts on “To Kill a Kingdom book review

  1. Great review! I really like the formatting with the headings so you can read what parts you want to read quickly. The #scallywagathon sounds fun!


  2. Oh yay I’m so happy you finished your first book for scallywagathon. I am hoping to do this readathon. I kinda decided last minute on the day it started. So I haven’t been doing a lot of reading. Hopefully tomorrow I get a boost and read more of the books I started.


      1. I didn’t get very far. I ended up reading one book. I started my second today. Maybe I can finish it by Sunday. I’m going to try so at least I can be like I read two books. I didn’t go in order though.


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