review: stealing snow (rant)

Let’s start with some backstory. I was given this book for my birthday last year and never got around to reading it. Last weekend I finally reorganised my bookshelves and I found it! I think the reason I kept putting it off was that I thought it would be super average – you know, nothing to write home about? And boy, was I right. 

QUESTION 10 .jpg

*Spoilers ahead* 


Let me preface this by saying that I apologise, Danielle Paige. The writing throughout this book was exceptionally contrived. I think the best example of this is the whole of page 218…but some ‘favourite’ quotes include: 

“The fact that he didn’t care what shape Bale was in made my fingers twitch, with snow.”

“So basically I was supposed to fulfill some kind of major destiny in a month. And I had no idea this place even existed until now.” 

“Just seeing through my missing boyfriend’s eyes. Or at least I think that’s what was happening.”

“But I’m not like anyone else.” No, you’re not.” 

“I have my snow.” 

“…this boy I had known for less than a heartbeat, was the boy of my dreams. Only my dreams were nightmares.” 

“You’re special now.”

URGH.  Sorry, I really could keep going, but I won’t. The writing was totally awkward, and cliche and full of really bizarre lines of both dialogue and inner monologues that made me cringe physically. 


Yeah, this one is hard to summarise quickly because it happens throughout the whole book. The book is called Stealing Snow because our main character is the Snow Princess who goes by the name Snow. This book is obviously making parallels to fairytales, right? However, instead of carefully and subtly weaving a beautiful story through a familiar tale *cough* Marissa Meyer *cough* the author has her characters literally reference fairytales?! 

  • She calls her seven pills after the seven dwarves
  • The future of the land rests on a lost piece of a broken mirror 
  • A witch holds two young children hostage in the woods by a river after luring them there by the promise of teaching them magic 
  • “Snow lions, tigers and bears… oh my”
  • Lots of singing to birds

etc. etc. etc. 

I’ll also leave this quote here: ‘Imprint? I’d seen a movie once where a teen werewolf had fallen in love with a girl and he imprinted on her’…


Snow must really be as special as everyone thinks she is because she has three guys falling over themselves to be with her. Well, two and a half guys, because I’m not entirely convinced that her ‘beloved’ Bale really cares about her. He doesn’t seem as into her and she is into him? In my opinion, Snow is borderline obsessed with this guy, all whilst kissing two other characters she met five minutes ago. So messy.  Also, one of the love interests is called Kai… *cough* Marissa Meyer *cough*

Also, I didn’t feel invested in her relationship with Bale because the reader doesn’t get any proper backstory to their ‘relationship’. It’s all coming from her compromised memories and as the reader you never really see these feelings reciprocated. 

Also, Snow flip-flops between guys so often I think I have whiplash. A great example of her flakey feelings is just after she has spent a good few pages talking about how mad she is with Jagger and how she DOESN’T WANT HIM ANYWHERE NEAR HER EVER AGAIN, and then by the end of the (very short) chapter she literally says “‘I was going to be his robber girl.” (Puke)  


Well, dislikable all characters. The only character I could get behind, maybe, was Kai. The rest were just awful, dishonest, cruel, secretive, selfish and completely cliche.  All of them acted without thinking, especially Snow, and it just got super boring. 

Urgh, sorry guys. This was pretty ranty. This one was just so irritating to read! Stealing Snow had the potential to be really dark and twisted, yet the execution was superficial and reminiscent of a soap opera.  Dare I say Marissa Meyer did this first and did it better?

(I’ll go and hide in a corner now) 




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