Book unhaul #1

Book unhauls are one of my favourite booktube videos to watch. It is such a satisfying process!  I regularly go through my shelves and declutter books that:

  1. I’ve read and will probably not read again
  2. I’ve read and did not enjoy 
  3. I’ve not read and have zero intentions of doing so


Rebel of the Sands, Burial Rites, Truthwitch 

Rebel of the Sands and Burial Rites have made it to this list because they’ve been on my shelves for AGES and i’ve never reached for them. I got to the point where I just had zero interest in picking them up. It’s just not meant to be I’m afraid. However, I did try to read Truthwitch in January. I read 100 pages and put it down – I just found it slightly boring?

uhaul 2

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Witchborn, The Jewel

I’ve actually read all three of these! The Perks is a book that I read a while ago and all I remember is feeling totally underwhelmed. In my opinion, this one was definitely overhyped. I read Witchborn earlier this year and again felt totally underwhelmed – I’ve already forgotten the plot (oops!). Lastly, I read The Jewel at the end of last year and again was just completely underwhelmed. I’m not going to read these again and they’re taking up valuable real estate so they’ve got to go! 

unhaul 3

His Bloody project, Three, Noughts & Crosses 

Again, I’ve read all of these. I was misled by His Bloody Project as it masqueraded as a true crime novel.  I read Three last year and felt so meh about it, especially when I had such high hopes for it. Lastly, Noughts & Crosses is a blast from the past. I read this one at school and loved it – was it my first foray into dystopia? Possibly! But, I’m not going to read it again so it’s going. 

All of these books have been donated to charity so hopefully, they will find better homes! 

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