review: the cruel prince*

Title: The Cruel Prince

Author: Holly Black

Genre: Fantasy (YA)

Rating: ***


Now hold on, let me explain. I put this book into my most anticipated reads of 2018 post as a last minute entry. I’d heard SO much hype about this release and yes I got suckered in, I got suckered in by the promise that it would give me ACOMAF feels. However, it gave me feels similar to A Daughter of Smoke and Bone– it was good, just not mind-blowing.

I absolutely loved the rich world that Holly built. It was a lush and atmospheric fae world reminiscent of Celtic forests and Narnian adventures. But there were a few let-downs that dropped this down to an average of three stars…


That’s right. I totally wasn’t keen on the development of Cardan. He’s a total asshole the entire time (maybe so much of an asshole that it became predictable that he was to become the main love interest?). Then all of a sudden he became a grouchy puppy dog. There was literally no character development here and little to no explanation as to why things changed.


Carrying on from this, I also felt super disappointed by the ‘romance’. To be brutally honest I was super triggered by the scene where Jude kisses Cadan and feels his resistance and apparent desire but she enjoys the power and continues… rape-y much? 


The relationship between the three sisters was super odd. Vivi, the oldest sister, was a strangely absent yet happy-to-go-along-with-anything character. She definitely needed some more development- although I was pleasantly surprised that she was openly bi. Yay for more representation! The twins, Jude and Taryn,  also had an under-developed relationship that was so basic- good girl whos actually bad, a badass girl who’s actually good. Urgh.

Sorry, guys. I know everyone is loving this right now, but I just wasn’t that impressed. I adored the magical setting, but I needed more intrigue, more romance, more developed personalities and just…more!

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