new year, new books tag

Hey-o welcome to my first tag. I saw Simon from SavidgeReads do this tag a few days ago and thought it would be fun to have a closer look at my reading for 2018…

First read of 2018?

I started the year with a bang and read The Diabolic in one sitting. My favourite part of this one? The fact that we get to follow a vicious, badass female protagonist who is both a hero and an anti-hero with inhumane tendencies and stunted emotions. Oh, and it has intergalactic royal drama.

Which books you read in 2017 do you want to share with everyone this year?

I think a lot of people will agree with me but 2017 was the year of A Court of Mist of Fury. I obsessed over this story and will continue to do so for a long time. However, a less well-known choice would be When Breath becomes Air. This memoir follows the heartbreakingly honest story of a young neurosurgeon’s journey after being diagnosed with brain cancer. Its raw honesty is what shocked me most whilst reading this, and it was the first time I had (properly) cried whilst reading a book… It’s a must for everyone.

What is your reading goal for the year?

I’ve set my Goodreads goal to 100 books, but really my goal is to read whatever I want, whenever I want.. a pretty cool reading goal, huh? In all seriousness, I would like to read more diversely this year. Whether that be authors or genres I want to make more of an effort to pick diversely. The reading harder challenge is definitely helping!

 Which new author, book or genre would you like to try this year?

I would love to read more true crime. I’m obsessed with Criminal Minds, CSI and any other show that explores the darkest parts of the human mind. So, why don’t I read more of this? I’m going to give it a go this year. Any recommendations, let me know.

Which reading habits would you like to change?

Hmm. I read a lot during the working week because of my long commute, but then never read over the weekend. I’d like to try and read more during the slower parts of the weekend and enjoy the experience of reading, with a cup of tea in bed. Bliss.

Most anticipated release this year?

My answer may be obvious, but it has to be A Court of Frost and Starlight. My heart races at the thought of more Rhys and Feyre…

I tag all of you to do this… I mean if you want… no pressure.

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