Books I’m looking forward to in 2018

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a wishlist on Amazon simply titled ‘upcoming’ and as it’s New Year’s Eve, I thought I would take you through the 5 most exciting 2018 releases on that list.


Throne of Glass #7 (title not yet confirmed) is to be released September 2018. Painfully, we’ve had to wait an extra year for this one as Sarah had some personal issues that prolonged the release date. I’m not mad, although Chaol in Tower of Dawn didn’t quite hit the spot for me…


This is a funny one as I haven’t even read Lord of Shadows yet… But, in my defense, I already know I’m going to love it. Although this one isn’t released until DECEMBER 2018 (why do they do this to us?) I’m still excited. I mean look at that cover, it’s BEAUTIFUL.


I think this book might kill me. 


I really enjoyed Wintersong in 2017. It was different, strange and whimsical. Whilst reading it I had no idea it was going to have a sequel, and to be honest, it doesn’t really need one… Nonetheless, I’m excited to jump back into this bizarre world, plus we don’t have to wait too long as it is released in February!


I AM SO READY FOR THIS. Illuminae and Gemina blew me away in 2017. In the words of Mr. Kristoff himself, who doesn’t love a story where girl meets boy, girl loses boy, and parents, and planet, and ends up on a crippled spaceship, with a mad computer and a deadly virus outbreak in the middle of an interstellar war… Bring on book three in March.



This is a very recent addition to my list, and luckily we only have to wait for two days! I’ve heard a lot about this one, and it does sound right up my alley… I mean it has faeries, royalty, courts of deception and complicated love stories. What more could I ask for?

If you want to see what else I want to read in 2018 have a gander at my ‘want to read’ bookshelves on Goodreads and let me know of any that I’m missing. I want to read all of the things. All of them. So get recommending.

3 thoughts on “Books I’m looking forward to in 2018

  1. There are just so many massive books coming out in 2018! The last Throne of Glass book is going to be wild, I can’t believe the series is actually coming to an end. I haven’t actually read any of Cassandra Clare’s books but I love the cover of Queen of Air and Darkness. Obsidio is genuinely going to destroy me and I can’t wait for it. I refuse to accept that this it’s only going to be a trilogy.


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